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15 January 2022 | BASSticcio

She embodies Pele, the fire goddess, who ignites passion in us, makes us debate heatedly and argue furiously. She paints a comforting picture of a familiar hand in your own in the dead of night. She leaves the space-time-continuum in search of the intangible that can be experienced but not explained:

BASSticcio – a multimedia microcosm of contemporary music for bass clarinet.

In her first solo programme, Anna Koch weaves innovative commissioned compositions with her own improvisations into an unheard-of whole, seeking to cross boundaries and find common ground.

15. January | 20:00
Hunter Long | you say you like the dark and your hand in mine (2019) UA
Petra Stump-Linshalm | Madame Pele (2021) UA
Bruno Liberda | Zähmung des Umstandes (2020) UA
David Lang | Press Release (1991)

bass clarinet | Anna Koch
music | Petra Stump-Linshalm, Hunter Long
camera | Sebastian Schmid
video | Anna Koch
outfit | lila
pumpkin field | Franz Figl

Im still floating on cloud nine! So happy about how my solo program turned out. Next time I’m going to play an encore for sure, to prolong the feeling on stage just for some more minutes.

concert solo

26 June 2021 | Maeriel

World Premiere Maeriel

minimal music
colourful bassclarinet
perpetual sound

Anna Koch, bassclarinet
Paul Gulda, piano
Stefan Eder, piano
Andreas Teufel, piano
Igor Gross, percussion
CLQ :: Christine Lavant Quartett
Max Bratt, violin
Sophia Goidinger-Koch, violin
Alexander J. Eberhard, viola
Isabelle Eberhard, cello

Johannes Wohlgenannt Zincke, composer

26.06.2021 18:00
Osterfestival IMAGO DEI
Klangraum Krems

project solo

Startstipendium 2020

jumping up and down with joy
music here i come