concert project solo

15 January 2022 | BASSticcio

She embodies Pele, the fire goddess, who ignites passion in us, makes us debate heatedly and argue furiously. She paints a comforting picture of a familiar hand in your own in the dead of night. She leaves the space-time-continuum in search of the intangible that can be experienced but not explained:

BASSticcio – a multimedia microcosm of contemporary music for bass clarinet.

In her first solo programme, Anna Koch weaves innovative commissioned compositions with her own improvisations into an unheard-of whole, seeking to cross boundaries and find common ground.

15. January 19:30
Petra Stump-Linshalm | Madame Pele
Hunter Long | you say you like the dark and your hand in mine
Bruno Liberda | Zähmung des Umstandes
Ken Thomson | tba 

bass clarinet | Anna Koch
music | Petra Stump-Linshalm, Hunter Long
camera | Sebastian Schmid
video | Anna Koch
outfit | lila
pumpkin field | Franz Figl