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concert Platypus Ensemble

15 December 2022 | Dreams I


Peter Ablinger | Not Available (ÖEA)
Steffi Weissman | Fountain
Tamara Friebel | Crown thy Earth – Coloured with Saffron (UA)
Albert Fine | Ice Cream Piece
Tom Johnson | Counting Duets Nr.1
Peter Ablinger | studien nach der natur
Hannes Dufek | die dinge ohne uns, ihre langsamkeit und die freiheit der menschen (in musik) (UA)

Platypus Ensemble

15. December 2022 | 19:30

concert travel

19 November 2022 | Musikagileak


Ramon Lazkano | Errobi 2
Kaija Saariaho | Oi Kuu
Mariá Luc | Lur
Mikel Urquiza | Atelier de Giacometti
Zurine Gerenabarrena | Artizar
Beat Furrer | Presto
Helga Arias | A Common Sense of Self

Ensemble N

19. November 2022 | 19:30
Bernaola Zikloa
@Conservatorio de Música Jesús Guridi, ESP

concert Platypus Ensemble

28 October 2022 | Blurred Thresholds


Bernhard Gander | Schlechtecharakterstücke
Dmitri Kourliandski | Punctuation Marks
Lisa Streich | Asche
Nava Hemyari |  Euthanasia
Raphaël Cendo | Rokh I
Reinhold Schinwald | Grid

Platypus Ensemble

28. October 2022 | 19:30

Music at its Extremes: Platypus presents a programme, that points out the contrasts in dynamic and density in music and brings them to its limits.


16 June 2022 | only once more that soap.


Luciano Berio | chamber music
Michael Jarrell | Assonance Ib
Rebecca Saunders | o , yes & I 
Elliott Carter | enchanted preludes 
Rhona Clarke | Edge 
Aron Ludwig | If he…O! Eh? No…No. (UA)
Peter Joyce | Cowley’s Chords (UA)

Platypus Ensemble

16. June 2022 | 19:30

concert Platypus Ensemble

22 April 2022 | Oase in der Stadt


Pierre Boulez | Dérive
Ivan Fedele | Maja (ÖEA)
Sara Glojnarić | sugarcoating #2
Hyun Joo Kim | Harmonia (UA)
Alexey Shmurak | grey concerto
Mathias Schmidhammer | Fallen Leaves (UA)

Platypus Ensemble

22. April 2022 | 19:30


9 April 2022 | nass zell flux

Inseln aus Wasser II

Badezimmer als Bühnen für fluxus-Partituren aus den 60ern sowie
zeitgenössische Interpretationen und gegenwärtige Kommentare zum fluxus, zur incidental music.
Fließend, fluxistisch, fluid, nass.

9. April 2022 | 18:00 Uhr
Events in 8 privaten Wiener Badezimmern und einem Lokal

by @aiaia

skug – Interview: „Bad Ideas“

mica-Ankündigung: nass zell flux


26 March 2022 | Walking in the limits


Wolfgang Suppan (Festival composer) | Ulam (2010)
Wolfgang Suppan | Welten… auseinander (2021) UA
Heinz Reber | Walking in the Limits (2007) UA

Platypus Ensemble
in cooperation with IMAGO DEI

26. March | 18:00
@Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

concert project solo

15 January 2022 | BASSticcio

She embodies Pele, the fire goddess, who ignites passion in us, makes us debate heatedly and argue furiously. She paints a comforting picture of a familiar hand in your own in the dead of night. She leaves the space-time-continuum in search of the intangible that can be experienced but not explained:

BASSticcio – a multimedia microcosm of contemporary music for bass clarinet.

In her first solo programme, Anna Koch weaves innovative commissioned compositions with her own improvisations into an unheard-of whole, seeking to cross boundaries and find common ground.

15. January | 20:00
Hunter Long | you say you like the dark and your hand in mine (2019) UA
Petra Stump-Linshalm | Madame Pele (2021) UA
Bruno Liberda | Zähmung des Umstandes (2020) UA
David Lang | Press Release (1991)

bass clarinet | Anna Koch
music | Petra Stump-Linshalm, Hunter Long
camera | Sebastian Schmid
video | Anna Koch
outfit | lila
pumpkin field | Franz Figl

Im still floating on cloud nine! So happy about how my solo program turned out. Next time I’m going to play an encore for sure, to prolong the feeling on stage just for some more minutes.

concert Platypus Ensemble

28 October 2021 | re:petitions


Marius Malanetchi: Dying Autumn
Mohammadreza Azin: Toccata
Masao Ono: repeated memory
Afamia Al-Dayaa: Im Verborgenen
Franziska Roth: restless
Sandra Lemus: Borderline

Luciano Berio: Air
Bernhard Lang: Echoes in Space 2
Mikel Urquiza: Atelier de Giacometti
Helena Tulve: Stream 2b
Yann Maresz: Circumambulation

Platypus Ensemble
in cooperation with FEURICH Vienna

28. October | 19:30
@Kaisersaal | Klaviergalerie

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